Triton T90SR Silent Electric Shower

triton t90srThe Triton T90SR Silent Pumped Electric Shower 8.5 kw

The T90SR is the first quite silent running shower in Ireland, The shower uses a pump to boost the water pressure of low pressure gravity fed supplies in houses and apartments.

The Triton T90R will Easley replace all previous T90 models that have been installed and this electric shower comes with a two year manufacture warranty,

This is a great shower unit for any preemies that has very low pressure and the shower features an anti twist hose.


The Triton T90SR is so quiet that when your water is running you won’t hear the pump in action when you are taking a shower. If you currently have a noisy shower that keeps your neighbours and family awake this is the shower for you


T90SI Shower Features

A quite electric shower that run a 9kW pump, and very suitable for low pressure systems.

You can use the same wall screw in wall points as previous Triton T90’s with easy installation as a replacement for your old Triton T90 shower.

Anti-scalding temperature limit.

Stabilised temperature control.

Blue LED power indicator.

A very streamline sleek design.

Push button start & stop which allows the last used shower setting to be kept for later use.

This shower has five spray patterns