Shower Pump Repair Dublin

As part of our Electric Shower repair services we also offer a Shower Pump repair service. For shower pump repairs contact Domestic Pumps.

If you have one of the most common shower pumps like a Stuart Turner or Monsoon shower pump we can either carry out a repair or we can replace your pump.

  • Stuart Turner Shower Pump Repairs
  • Monsoon Shower Pump Repair
  • Grundfos STN & STP Repairs

Shower Pumps Vs Electric Showers

A shower pump is different to an electric shower as the pump boosts water from the pump to your shower and in some cases the pump will boost water to your sinks bath and toilet. Most apartments will have a negative head pump boosting water around the apartment.  If you have one of the major brands like Stuart Turner Monsoon or Grundfos these will be very expensive to replace and we always recommend a repair where possible. Normally after a few years of use your shower pump will require a small service to replace some electrical parts.

Shower Pump Repair