Triton T90si Repair

triton-t90si-electric-showerTriton T90si Repair And Features

The Triton T90si is a powerful shower and after many years of use the shower may require a repair if one of the components fail. However not to worry as all these showers are fully repairable and all the most common parts are available to make a repair at very little cost.

Your Triton electric shower has been very reliable to you for maybe the last eight to ten years. Why not get another eight to ten years out of your shower because this can be fixed by simply changing a few spare parts and most of these parts can be purchased for under €20.


These parts include Carbon Brushes, Thermal Cut out Switches, Switches, Solenoid Valves and much more.

The T90si full of features including the following. Temperature control switch that controls the water flow to the shower unit.

Cold – Low – Full – Medium – Power selector

The T90SI also features a temperature control switch that will control your hot and cold from 1 to 10. The shower head is adjustable by turning the bezel in either direction.

Triton T90si Shower Head

Full spray for a relaxing shower is MAXI. A Focused spray for refreshing, satisfying shower is ULTRA. You can also have a concentrated spray for an exhilarating shower and you set the head to JET

Again after a few years of constant use the T90si may cause a few problems but these can easily be fixed by us or by yourself depending on the fault. Why buy a new electric shower when you can get your existing shower repaired.


Contact us today for a quote to get your Triton T90si electric shower repaired.