Q. How much is it to have an engineer to come to my house and fix my shower ?

A. We charge from €100  plus vat and the price of the part needed only if repaired.


Q. How much for the part needed to fix my shower ?

A. This depends on the part needed the most common parts required.


Q. What happens if my shower can’t be fixed am I still charged ?

A. The answer to that is easy NO. we work on a no fix no fee policy


Q. My electric shower is 10 years old is it too old to fix should I buy a new one ?

A. This is the most common asked question. The answer to that is NO it is not too old. You could get another 10 years out of it with a repair on your electric shower.


Q. Do tiles have to be taken off in order to fix my shower ?

A. No all showers are fixed without touching the tiles.


Q. Who do I need a plumber or an electrician to fix my shower ?

A. There is a lot of good engineers out there that fix showers but the most qualified tradesman would be an electrician


Q. What is the difference between shower booster / mains fed or gravity fed ?

A. Mains fed is when your shower is connected to the mains water coming in to your house and gravity is when your electric shower is connected to your cold water tank in your attic.